Starting from the worries of the world’s population is indeed a global issue about still earth able to provide water for the living creatures that exist in this world. These worries trigger many questions related to that issue and became the concern of world’s decision maker.

Water as a source of life, already in critical condition, both quantitative and qualitatively. There’s should be a general consideration about how to solve the problem. On that basis On that basis, so that the implementation of this 7th IWWEF meeting of 2017, adopted the theme of Water Revolution.

The IWWEF agenda is a forum of seminars and workshops that will feature national and international speakers. In addition, there is also an exhibition of the latest products and technology of water supply systems and wastewater systems, provided by domestic and foreign companies.

This activity is an event to bring together all regional drinking water companies (PDAM) throughout Indonesia, to find solutions for the problems that have been a global concern. This activity is very important, considering the provision of clean water in Indonesia, has not been thoroughly enjoyed by the entire population.